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Tunnel Of The Thoughts

Hello there, as the festive vibes in India & at your place has already started. To add a cherry on the cake I’ve brought a very short topic to read. For the next few minutes, you’ll be reading about a very genuine feeling all human beings experience. No more delays just stay with the my shell thought for the upcoming reads.

This stuff is all about recent studies about the brain, its emotions & body responses. Our brain’s network generates three mental states emotions, body feelings, thoughts. All those interlink human behavior. The one feeling we human being constantly go through is infatuation. It’s an intense feeling of passion for specific individuals. Synonyms for infatuation can be madness or passion. It is often characterized by persistent, continuous thoughts about the object. These thoughts may take on fantasies, anxiously distracting concentration & feeling of stress. Individuals flow & focuses at one moment on the possibilities of one’s feeling are reciprocated & at the next moment it’s not. This contribution of emotional turbulence is experienced by infatuated individuals.

Infatuation is more likely to emerge during the early stage of a relationship & is unlikely to last forever. This passion has an intensity to fade up over time. Several deadlines exist such as if the process of self-expansion runs to completions infatuation fade up. Confusion about each other’s feelings & intentions probably does a poor job in case of securities & trust.

Infatuated individuals commonly idealize & acknowledge the negative qualities, worship positive qualities. They idealize the object toward them they feel the intense passion. But as we know exceptions always exist, this all not necessarily pronounced in every infatuation individual.

Sternberg’s triangular theory explored infatuation explaining three components of love in his theory Passion, Intimacy, Commitment. Different types of emotions emerge from a different mixture of any or all of these components in varying degrees.

  • Intimacy – It refers to the closeness of individuals.
  • Passion – It refers to the attraction of individuals.
  • Commitment – It refers to the decision to love someone in the long term.

You can read more about triangular theory here and I’m gonna finish this little but important topic now. Enjoy the 2020 festive season, stay happy & healthy. Be ready to read the next blog very soon.

-Thank You!


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